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Senate may ignore SC encroachment

The US Supreme Court in Nixon v. United States, 506 U.S. 224 (1993) (where the House of Representatives adopted articles of impeachment against petitioner Walter Nixon, the Chief Judge of a Federal District Court, and presented to the Senate) has explained the non-justiciability of the impeachment (because the matter involved a political question) in this [...]

Senate, as Impeachment Court, the higher interpreter of law

It is generally conceded that impeachment is more of a political than a legal process. However, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), supposedly the official organization of lawyers in the Philippines, has issued a statement raising an interesting legalistic claim regarding the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. The statement argues that while the [...]

Arroyo travel ban: A matter of fair play?

To one looking at the broader picture of the travel ban against former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, sans the witting or unwitting shortcomings of the key characters from all sides, it may be reasonable to assume that the question of great commonsensical importance may inevitably boil down to: Who among these players is actually acting [...]

Bin Laden Is Dead, Americans Cheered!

white house crowd

President Barack Obama announced at about 12:00 midnight, (Sunday, Eastern Time) that Usama Bin Laden is dead.  He said that the Al Qaeda leader died in a firefight in a Mansion outside Islamabad, Pakistan, initiated by small group of U.S. soldiers last week and the military is in possession of the body.  He told the [...]

Did Merci plea-bargain for mercy?

For months, the nation’s attention has been fixated on the move by the new administration to oust via impeachment Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez with a view to taking down a formidable hindrance to President Noynoy Aquino’s campaign promise of holding accountable corrupt public officials in high office. An earlier attempt to impeach the Ombudsman during the [...]

Political Process is More Transparent Than Judicial Process


Impeachment is a political process mainly because party-mates will vote along party lines. This is the habiliment of democracy. Majority controls the business of the day, minority voice is heard for the record, but it does not carry the business for the day. We should not lose our equilibrium because some Senators have already prejudged [...]

Bitter critiques of impeachment, part of political ensalada

Veteran opinion-maker Amando Doronila, in his Philippine Daily Inquirer piece last month (“Lynch-mob rule in impeachment,” March 14, 2011), dared to compare the congressional efforts to remove from office Ombusdman Merceditas Gutierrez to “lynching,” or putting to death a person by mob action and without legal authority, because in his mind the removal process being [...]

Mr. Marcos Was a Liar and A Hero, But Who Cares!


There is “tsunami” like efforts  and lobby money too to reclassify the late strongman Mr. Marcos from a dictator-villain to a war hero.  His supporters, as well as the Philippine military and the 204 Congressmen who want Mr. Marcos buried at the “Libingan ng Mga Bayani” consider the late dictator a hero for his 27 [...]

Bye Ding….


I am  glad FV was back online.  This was a good news, but the bad news is, one of FV regular contributors, the veteran journalist, Ding Gagelonia died last month.  At Facebook, I have started to pass around the hat, but it has generated cold enthusiasm.  I am doing it again in this blog and [...]

EDSA 4–a fight for True Justice and for the Oppressed Pinoy Worker

Presidential spokesperson Ed Lacierda is at it again. He says that government does not favor a wage adjustment because, from his understanding of labor laws, regional tripartite wage boards are only allowed to suggest a wage increase, once every year. Wrong. According to the law, if there are supervening events, like a sudden spike in [...]