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Bin Laden Is Dead, Americans Cheered!

white house crowd

President Barack Obama announced at about 12:00 midnight, (Sunday, Eastern Time) that Usama Bin Laden is dead.  He said that the Al Qaeda leader died in a firefight in a Mansion outside Islamabad, Pakistan, initiated by small group of U.S. soldiers last week and the military is in possession of the body.  He told the [...]

Political Process is More Transparent Than Judicial Process


Impeachment is a political process mainly because party-mates will vote along party lines. This is the habiliment of democracy. Majority controls the business of the day, minority voice is heard for the record, but it does not carry the business for the day. We should not lose our equilibrium because some Senators have already prejudged [...]

Mr. Marcos Was a Liar and A Hero, But Who Cares!


There is “tsunami” like efforts  and lobby money too to reclassify the late strongman Mr. Marcos from a dictator-villain to a war hero.  His supporters, as well as the Philippine military and the 204 Congressmen who want Mr. Marcos buried at the “Libingan ng Mga Bayani” consider the late dictator a hero for his 27 [...]

Bye Ding….


I am  glad FV was back online.  This was a good news, but the bad news is, one of FV regular contributors, the veteran journalist, Ding Gagelonia died last month.  At Facebook, I have started to pass around the hat, but it has generated cold enthusiasm.  I am doing it again in this blog and [...]

Brute Force, A Substitute For Failed Reason

jolo blast

Only those who speak ill about the church can be the suspects behind  the bombing of one of its chapels in Jolo on christmas day.  But rather than weakening the church, the blast fortifies it because it draws into focus its ability now to win a civilized debate on any issue as against its adversaries [...]

Vizconde Massacre And The Questions We Must Ask Ourselves!


The  lessons we can learn from the Vizconde massacre are:  1) that justice in the country runs so slow, 2) investigating officers are blundering fools,  3) the judges are corrupt, 4) and unlike the poor who rot in jail forever,  the rich can always seek justice though how late that justice might be, 5) that [...]

‘Beware of the 8-Caskets Bearing Chinese’

lucio tan

The Luneta hostage-taking last August 23 was tragic, but it is more tragic that the Chinese use their dead to whip RP into their political line and distaste over detained dissident, Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize Awardee,who should have received his award yesterday in Norway.  I am reprinting portions of F. Sionil Jose’s, article, “Chinese  Mischief’ that [...]

TC Abolition – A Judicial Blackmail!


I cannot properly situate myself over the decision of the SCORP, declaring EO No. 1 creating the Truth Commission by President Aquino, unconstitutional, much that I would like to take side on the issue. Creating the TC headed by  EX-CJ Chief Hilario Davide, Jr., and retired Justice Romeo Callejo Jr. to investigate GMA, is like [...]

Tirad Pass, RP’s Battle of Thermopylae (Dec. 2, 1899)

Gregorio Del Pilar

I should have posted this bit of historical note five days ago, to enliven our    search for our nation’s soul and for us to reminisce, that once in the life of our nation, we have something to be proud of our past.  That one glorious moment of our past happened 111 years and five days [...]

Wrong On The Data, Wrong On Analysis!


The great ‘country fighter’ in this blog, aka, Patricio Mangubat in his article entitled: “Filipinos are world’s greatest assets“  said: “Those laptops we now currently enjoy have Filipino intellect invested into it. The very chips that power those personal computers, IPods and IPods are proudly Filipino made. From the sands of this great country comes [...]